Friday, February 9, 2018

My New Adventure: Younique

So over the past couple years I've seen a lot of companies going to social media sales and having their reps do it. In my area, almost every woman has tried one or more than one type of sales job to make "easy money".

I kept seeing posts about this makeup company that was focuses on empowering women, helping them feel their best, and creating a support system for their customers and presenters. The more I heard and learned, the more I wanted to be a part of it.

But I don't wear makeup. I'm not really a sales person. I don't really have a lot of time. So why would I essentially take on a second job that I know nothing about? Well why not?

I talked to multiple people, I researched the products, and I made a leap.

I'm now a White Status Presenter for Younique Products.

I'm trying this out to try to build my own self confidence as well as maybe learn somethings that I can teach my daughter later in life. I really think this is going to better me and make a difference in my life and I'm embracing it.

So begins my adventure. I prolly won't mix too much of that life with this blog but occasionally I may post something for ya'll.

Interested? Check it out and let me hook you up!

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

2018: New Year, Better Me

First of all, HAPPY 2018! Obviously, I'm very late due to some technical difficulties and basic time constraints but I'M BACK. So be sure to tune in at least a couple times a week to keep up with the madness (or you can obviously follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to see when the new stuff goes up.

Second of all, I don't get all the hate surrounding the "New year, New me" slogan. If people want to say it every year and use it as motivation/attention getter to spur support and motivation then just support them. Why be hateful? Will they fail and be the same person? Maybe. Or maybe they'll make big changes in their lives or attitudes and feel like a whole new person. Who knows. Who cares. Just support each other people. Geez.

Finally, I'm not gonna say "New year, new me" because I generally like myself and don't want to be a whole new person so I'm saying: New Year, Better Me. I'm using this new year to motivate me to better myself and make some changes. So here are my goals/resolutions/plans/whatever you wanna call it:

  • Make a big career move- So I'm currently working in a factory thats starting to look like its not going to allow me to advance and therefore is just a dead end job (still a great paycheck and benefits, don't get me wrong) and I'm looking for something more. I'm looking for a career. So I'm ready for a change and am already pursuing some leads. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Be More Positive- I'm naturally a negative person so time for a more positive mindset this year.
  • Focus On My Health- I'm also really bad about living off of cigarettes, Monster, and no sleep so I'm going to focus on getting enough sleep, eating regularly (learning to cook maybe...), and obviously quitting smoking. I've already gave up Monster so I'm on the right track. I'm also determined to get back to my pre baby weight (I won't lie, I'm only about 10-15 pounds over. I got lucky but I definitely need to tone up)
  • Less Time at Work, More Time With Family- I'm sure I've mentioned it but I'm a workaholic so I'm always working 12 hour days and every weekend. This year, I'm focusing less on the money and more on spending time with J and baby Kota. 
  • Stop Procrastinating- I'm bad about putting things off til the last minute. By things, I mean EVERYTHING so I'm working on that. It'll help my stress level hopefully.
  • Be Smarter With Money- Generally, I do pretty well with money  but I could be better so I'm making a goal to save $5000 by the end of the year to put towards buying a house when we decide to do so.
  • Be The Best Mom- I'm going to do everything in my power to be the best mom to baby that I can possibly be in every way possible. 
So there's a quick look at my goals for the year. What do y'all want to accomplish this year? 


If you need some help staying on track or want someone to bounce ideas off of/vent to/whatever, my inboxes are always open. Let's make this our year!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

iPhone X: Initial Review

New Phone, who dis?
**Fun fact: Apple didn't skip 9 (well technically they did) but the reason there is 8 and X (or 10, however you wanna say it) is because it's the 10th anniversary phone**

Alrighty so for those of you that know me, there are two facts when it comes to phones: It's going to be an iPhone and if it's too different or new, I'm gonna hate it. So I took a gamble when I saw I was eligible for an upgrade from my iPhone 7 and got the iPhone X. I even went as far as getting up at 3am on October 27th to preorder it (and go through the nightmare of a website not designed for that much traffic and inevitably having a rep order it and getting me in the like 5th group to get my phone).

On my personal social media I was seeing mixed reviews when people started getting theirs. Mine FINALLY showed up last Wednesday right after I went to work so by the time I got it all activated and backed up and what not it was Thursday morning. With that being said, I've had the phone for only 4 days so I can't confidently give a full review, thus the initial part.

Here's what I've gathered so far.

  • I miss the home button. I liked being able to physically click it on. However, I didn't like how the thumbprint would open to the home screen when you clicked it even if you just wanted to check time. 
  • The facial recognition is still slightly creepy but it's damn good. Glasses, safety glasses, dark, dim, hair up, hair down, I haven't had any issues at all. 
  • The camera and speakers are FANTASTIC! I'm so impressed.
  • I'm not pleased that the battery indicator is gone.. I need to know my percentage without having to drag down a screen.
  • The bigger screen is pretty sweet and the phone has a great feel to it. Little weighty but not too heavy.
  • Closing apps is a bit more time consuming. I think. 
  • I literally had to google how to turn the phone off and do screenshots. Now that I know how to do it, I think I like it. 
I'm planning to give it a month or so and do a full/follow up post to tell y'all about battery life, durability, performance, and maybe even get some outside reviews if any of y'all would like to share your opinion. 

Dakota - 5 Months

Because we matched and it was great. 
Baby Dakota is growing way too fast... I'm not crying I swear... Since we do appointments every two months, I can give weight and length but here's what's new since last month:

  • We stick EVERYTHING in our mouth: Our hands, mommy's fingers, toys, blankets, washcloths, etc.
  • Laying down is not as fun as sitting up
  • Everything peaks our interest and it's hard to focus when eating
  • 0-3 onesies are officially getting too tight and we've pulled out all the 6 month clothes
  • Our first tooth is starting to come in and it's making us fussy these days

Dakota's First Halloween

Unfortunately, it was ridiculously cold and raining the evening of Trick or Treat in our town so I didn't feel comfortable taking her out in it (especially when we would just be gathering candy for ourselves). BUT I did get the baby a costume! I apologize for the poor quality and lack of pictures...

She was a little dinosaur! She spent the entire time just tryin to eat the hood.. I found it on Amazon and I loved it. It's super soft, fits her well, and since the spikes are foldable, she still wears it to bed some nights. 10/10 great investment. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Medela vs Spectra

Spoiler: I’m pro Spectra. But both are very nice.

I was fortunate enough to be on both my parents’ insurances when Dakota was born so each one supplied me with a breast pump. So I have the Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump, 3.3 Pound and the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote . In th hospital I was in they recommended the Spectra because they said its closer to hospital grade. Both work great and get the job done but here are the things I’ve found with each:

Noise- I find the Spectra a lot quieter generally (obviously not a huge factor)
Traveling - my Spectra is my at home pump because it’s a bit bigger and not as convenient as the Medela that I can just stick in a small bag and take to work or wherever. That’s prolly my favorite part of the Medela.
Parts - so as far as the parts, they both have the same basic set up, however, the Spectra parts are SO MUCH easier to take apart and clean. On of the biggest complaints I have about the Medela is that the hoses get moisture in them pretty quick. How? No clue. Potentially just my user error but I was told if they get moisture in them to replace them so I’ve gone through 3 sets already.
Pricing - obviously both pumps themselves were free but as far as replacing parts the Medela is a bit more convenient because Wal Mart carries their parts where as Spectra you have to order them from Amazon or online. From pretty quick research, the Medela parts seem to be cheaper if you’re buying a whole set. I have had to replace my Spectra parts because Diesel decided to eat them or play with them or hide them🙄
Extras - my favorite thing about the Spectra is that it has basically a stop watch on it that keeps track of how long you’ve been pumping on a little digital screen while the Medela doesn’t have a screen so I have to use my phone to time myself. Also, the Spectra has a convenient light built in which is kinda cool.

So there you have it, my little review of Spectra 2 vs Medela In Style. I’d say both are awesome and get the job done but I definitely prefer the Spectra.


Alright so for those of you that are active on social media, you’ve seen the #MeToo floating around. Let me just kinda sum it up for ya:

It’s a wake up call for society, a movement in the making, and a way to show people everywhere they are not alone in sexual abuse, harassment, and assaults.

The hashtag blew up all over Twitter and Facebook, people telling their stories and some simply posting “#MeToo” to say they’re hurting as well or have been there and overcome their struggle.

And you know what? #MeToo

I won’t share my personal story because as traumatic as it was at the time, I’ve grown up, forgiven him, stopped blaming myself, and I would rather leave it in the past. A lot of women aren’t so fortunate and everyday is a constant struggle. They are traumatized and forced into a living hell. Rape and assault aren’t about sex but about the power it gives over the victim. It strips them of their comfort and trust in the world and leaves them broken and even blaming themselves.

Some are able to get closure through faith or justice but some are forced to live in their own personal hell and that’s not okay. If anyone reading this needs to talk, my inbox is always open. If you have a personal story you want to share publicly or anonymously, also feel free to get a hold of me. Everyone should know they’re not alone and the world needs to know that this is not okay. Something this awful should not be this common.