Sunday, October 30, 2011

Work Etiquette

Working, working, working... unfortunately it's going to happen at some point in your life. If you're like me, you'll be forced to start around age 16 because you're broke yet still love to shop. (True story. It's a problem)
So I bit of my work history: In November after I turned 16 I started working at Taco Bell. It was fun (as fun as a job can be) and I quit in August after I turned 17. Then in September I got a job at McDonald's and now that's where I'm at now. So fun stuff.
Obviously, everyone knows that a job is not like everyday life and you can't just goof off and do nothing... well mostly, but ANYWAYS, there are some rules and even some implied ones that I personally think everyone should know. So I figured I would share my limited knowledge with all of you. :)

  • Work hard the whole time you're there. You're there aren't you? Might as well do something.
  • Be nice to customers and co workers even if they are extremely rude to you. It'll make them feel bad and may help you out later.
  • Encourage your co workers. It'll make them feel better. Or annoy them. Which could be entertaining. 
  • Do little things to help out other coworkers. In turn, they'll probably do that same to you.
  • Always thank coworkers. It'll let them know you appreciate their work.
  • Be friends with your boss. Not like hang out on the weekends friends but close enough to ask how they're doing when you see them. It gets you far sometimes.
  • When your boss asks you to come in on your day off or in early and you're not busy, do it. More money plus your boss will be very appreciative and be more open later when you ask for favors.
  • If a coworker asks you to help them out, do it. They may be able to help you later.
  • If coworker asks you to switch shifts or work for them and you can, do it. You may need them to pay you back later.
  • Hold doors open for customers when you're going in or out. Just common courtesy. 
  • Show up early for your shift so you're not rushing around
  • Show up late for work. It looks like you don't care and your boss will take it into consideration.
  • Call off for no reason. That's hurting your coworkers and it's rude. At least find someone to cover for you.
  • Show up with a messy uniform. It shows you don't care about how you present yourself or your place of business.
  • Goof off at work. Throwing things, trashing stuff, ect. Not cool.
  • Text while busy. It slows things down and makes people really mad. Whoever it is you're talking to, can wait. I promise.
  • Be rude to customers or coworkers/boss. Good way to get fired.
  • Get involved with coworkers/managers. It won't work out and you'll only get in trouble. I promise.
  • Stand around the whole time you're at work. You're gonna get fired and you're just wasting time.

So that's just how I feel. Feel free to comment and add or give your opinions. :)

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