Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn!

Yes. I am writing a post at 2:30am on a school night. Yes. I did just see the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 midnight premiere. Yes. I am going to tell you about it.

Any more questions?
'kay cool.

So already you can tell that this post is going to be even more obnoxious than my others. Well yes. That's generally what happens when you keep Courtney up til 2:30am after school and work. OH and on top of that I get to stay up and do all my homework that's due in like 5 and a half hours! :D Yayyyy. Only not.

ANYWAYS! On to the post:


Soo Breaking Dawn was pretty much amazingly amazing! I looooooooved it. I'm slightly an overly obsessed Twilight freak. Only slightly though. Key points for me:

  • Question... How is that movie PG?? Between the multiple heated sex scenes and the gory birth scene, there is no way. My 11 year old sister saw it and freaked out. Point proven.
  • Followed the books really well except for a few added scenes. Otherwise it was great!
  • Slightly corny in the Alpha wolf switchy part. Kinda like a bad PowerRangers movie bad.
  • AMAZING job portraying the birth and pregnancy. It was super realisticish (about as realistic as you can get with a vampire pregnancy...)
  • Kristen Stewart is still a terrible actress with no emotion
  • Robert Pattinson is still hot along with most of the other males in that movie
  • I HIGHLY recommend you go see it.
That is all. Good night Readers! :)

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