Monday, November 28, 2011

Did I miss the Memo?

Okay so I've seen a recent "trend" lately and I'm slightly confused by it...

Yes, I'm referring to hickeys. Was there some memo somewhere that said it was suddenly cool to go around with these nasty bruises on your neck? 

Lately, I've seen tons of girls (And guys!) with hickeys that look a lot like the picture above (from google, not me) running around school. Is that okay? Like seriously?

I personally think it looks trashy and nasty. If you and your significant other want to go vampire on each other, cool, fine by me, doesn't bother me. However, clean up afterwards. You can easily get rid of these things with an ice pack or more creatively, a frozen spoon. Or just put make up or a hoodie on until it goes away. Super simple. So do it. Please. Spare us all. 

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