Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The day of the year dedicated to eating a ton of turkey and such and being with friends and family. Oh and later all the Black Friday shopping. ;) I hope everyone is thinking about the things they are thankful for. So I would just like to share what I'm thankful for today and everyday:

1. God- He has been so gracious and loving and done so much for me and I'm just so thankful.
2. My family- As much as they drive me crazy, I still love them and everything they've done for me.
3. My friends- We've fought and had our rough spots but I would be nowhere without them and I'm so glad I have them in my life.
4. My dogs- My best friends ever who've been there for me through everything. Even if they don't understand what I'm saying. :)
5. My job- As awful as it can be, it pays the bills and my coworkers are pretty cool.
6. My country- It's such a great place to live and grow up. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave<3
7. My school- As annoying as it's been, it is the place I've learned the most and it'll eventually give me my diploma.
8. My musical abilities- (For Mr. Sloan) I'm glad God has blessed me with the ability to play an instrument and sing
9. My crazy, beautiful life in general- With all of it's ups and downs, disasters, parties, laughs, tears, ect. I love it all. (:

What're you thankful for today?

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