Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jenna Marbles Review

So on our trip to Olive Garden Brianna was literally quoting a whole Jenna Marbles video and I had heard the name but never bothered to look into it until after that. So if you don't know Jenna Marbles, here's the briefing:
  • Some chick somewhere who uploads videos of herself talking and acting strange
  • Super hilarious
  • Extremely inappropriate (cussing every other word and sexual innuendoes everywhere)
  • Has some interesting points and views
Basically, I like her. I love a good laugh and she is hilarious in a stupid way. But if you don't want to here the f-bomb more than 5 times in one video, these are not the videos for you. 

Here are a couple that I enjoyed. Feel free to post comments and opinions below!:

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