Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet My Baby Twin :)

Okayyy so for lack of better things to post about currently (no offense), I'm going to make a whole post about my sister. :)

 Brianna Elizabeth*

This is my gorgeous sister Brianna. :) She's my twin/baby sister/best friend/worst enemy/greatest rival/favorite person ever.

Twinsssssss! :)

Okay so we aren't really twins. She's two years younger than I am but everyone says we look identical (False. We so don't.) and last year during soccer and now in band we are just referred to as "The Van Horne Twins" so it's just kinda stuck and I've accepted that she is my baby twin. I've also always been jealous because CLEARLY she's the prettier twin. But no hard feelings. :)

Bri playing with her happy meal toy...

Alright so she's not really a baby but she is still super silly and knows how to make you laugh. Even when you just wanna cry.

We have been through so much together including our parents divorce and mom's remarriage as well as countless break ups and bad relationships and when I went off the rails more than once and she had her issues. We've fought more times than anyone on earth could ever keep track of but at the end of the day we are still sisters and we still need each other. When either of us comes home crying we can always rely on the other to help them through. I know I can trust her with anything and when those stupid males break her heart I'm the first to start kicking some butt. I love her with all my heart and I hope that she knows that I'm always going to be there for her even when I go off to college and such. :)


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