Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Black Friday Adventure

Soooooo I went Black Friday shopping this year much like most of America. It really is a ridiculous tradition but hey, it's fun. :)

My sister, Bri, my friend Kaylee, and I began our adventure at 7:30pm at Wal Mart in Mansfield. We got all our stuff as soon as we got there so we knew that we would have it all. Unfortunately, we couldn't check out til the sales officially started at midnight so we wandered around Wal Mart, went to the Subway in it, and just acted silly.

That was all at Subway. Annnnnnd here's our cart!

Then we were hanging out on a bench in the pharmacy section. Where we decided to do war paint. Cuz we're BA. :)

Soooo then we got to stand in line for 2 hours. Yes. 2 hours. But I promise. It was sooooooo worth it. All my Christmas shopping is pretty much done now! :)

The line...
Then we had a DELICIOUS breakfast/dinner at Denny's. It was 2am so I'm not sure which it was. Kaylee had breakfast and Bri and I had burgers soooo... After that, we hit the mall so Kaylee could get a hoodie for her boy from American Eagle. While there we got to hit Aeropostale and a shoe store where I got some shoes that resemble these! :)

Annnd that finished our trip. :) We arrived home at 5am and slept til 1:30pm friday. It was well worth it.

Got your own Black Friday stories? Feel free to comment! :)

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