Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday Night Adventures

Alrighty so heres another one of my Saturday night adventures I'd like to share with all of you.

This week, after having a terrible day yesterday, decided to take a spontaneous trip to Ohio Northern University in Ada to see my best friend. :)

First of all, amazingly, I made it to the correct parking lot without getting lost or having to call someone. Which, for those of you that know that I'm the most directionally challenged person ever, will know that this is a miracle in itself.

I get to her room and we all chill and Facebook creep and such while her roommate dances around the room naked, getting ready to go out. She leaves around 9:30 and two of my friend's guy friends come up and join us in playing Catch Phrase (which is easily one of the most fun games everrrrrr) until like 1am when they left. About the same time her roommate comes stumbling in, completely drunk, wanting Taco Bell. Yes. Taco Bell.

And so, at 1 in the morning, we pile in my car and go to Taco Bell (which was delicious and well worth it). We get back to the room and her roommate is just being random and hilarious. Me and my bestiee had to make her bed for her though... which was strange... but it happened.

Silly roommate eating her Crunchwrap and rolling around laughing. 

Around 2:30am we finally laid down and slept. Well until at 3am this strobe light and ear piercing ringing is going off. I'm laying on the floor of her dorm covering my ears and trying to ignore it until her roommate nearly steps on me. Thats about the time I realized we had to leave. So I managed to grab my jacket but there was no way I was going to get my Converse on quickly in the dark so I left them and we went down the 2 or 3 flights of steps and went outside. For the record, it was freaking freezing outside and raining and I was bare foot on the cold, wet pavement while wearing her roommate's boyfriend's shorts she lent me. It was ridiculous.

Turns out it was the fire alarm and everyone had to get out while they put out whatever fire was going on. I don't know the details but we stood out there for a good half hour or so before they finally turned the alarm off. So we went back to bed around 4:30am this morning. Then I was up at 6 to drive back home so I could be at work by 9am. It was pretty much crazy. But awesome.

So that was my Saturday Night Adventure. :)

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