Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Warning: The following post is all my own thoughts and opinions thrown out there completely without filter. If anything I say offends you, let me know POLITELY. Trash talking me is not necessary.

<Start Rant>
Alright so I'm not even sure what pushed me over the edge to go on this little rant but here I am so here it goes.

Basically, I'm really sick of spoiled, snotty, rich kids. Everyone knows one. That one kid that never has to work a day in their life because their parents just hand them money whenever they want it. Now I'm not saying that all kids that get money from their parents are awful. I'm referring to the ones that then bash their parents whenever they can and then go and bash other kids that work for their money.

Now, I work for my money. That doesn't make me better than anyone but it has definitely taught me how to budget and the value of a dollar and all that jazz. Some teens will never have to work in high school and thats fine. No big deal. But if thats how you choose to live, do not bash those who chose to work or have to work for their money. You have no right and it just makes you a snotty, unpleasant person.

Going along with that, there are tons of different jobs for teens in todays day and age. Some more glamorous than others but regardless, they all pay the bills so what does it matter? I don't understand how its cool to talk down about others who work in fast-food or mowing or babysitting. Sorry I don't have a parent in high places that can get me a job as an office assistant or something more fancy? I promise my job probably pays just as much as yours and I'm working just like you. So why exactly are you better than me again? Like seriously..

To wrap things up, I have nothing against rich families. They probably got rich for a reason. But not everyone is that lucky. I have nothing against people who don't work. Thats good for them. More power to them. I have nothing against people with nicer jobs than my lousy one. But judging and bashing others? Not okay. You should probably just get over yourselves. (:
<End Rant>

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday Night Adventure

I feel like this is becoming a trend or something... Oh well. Soooooo more saturday night shenanigans!

Well, last night we had the basketball game against Coldwater (where we won, of course (: ) and then, like usual, the after party was at my house (The Place Downtown (long story... )). As soon as we got there we pulled out Just Dance 2 and started a tournament of sorts. lol

Guest list:
-Me & Bri (duh)
-Elijah (Jeffery)
-Roberto (Robbie)

Annnnnd it was a pretty amazing time. :)

And So Begins a New Season

Thaaaaaaaaat's right! Football is over and time for some basketball folks! And let me just tell you, I'm so excited. The team's looking pretty good this year and the CatPack is pretty fierce too. Oh and I'm more than happy to trade in my marching band uniform for theme participation. ;)

Winnnnnnn against Coldwater! 53-49
And a nice view from our new seats :)

Messing around with my friends :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Simple Truth :) (Girls!)

So I've been thinking about this lately... why? idk. But I have and I'm pretty sure 99.9% of girls will agree that:
Guy's clothes are way comfier than girl's.

Lucas' shirt and an old friend's nike shorts. :)

Sorry for the gay "phone pic in the mirror" pic but I don't have a photographer and it looked worse in the front facing camera. So whatever. Haters.

Maybe it's a comfort thing or a sedimental thing but either way. It's true. :) Feel free to comment! :)