Monday, December 31, 2012

Road Trip

Alrighty so around Christmas I got the boyy and I tickets to the Steelers vs. Brown game yesterday in Pittsburgh so we left early and drove to Pittsburgh for the day and let me tell you, longest drive ever. 5 hours there and another 5 back but it was worth it. I think he enjoyed the game and I had fun. So heres some pictures :)

 Picture from our seats

 Drum line half time show


My silliness

Of course, the Steelers beats the Browns. Bummer. Well happy day for the boyy so thats all that matters. Overall, great trip and I wouldn't mind doing it again next year. (:

Bring On 2013!

Alrighty so first of all, I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and got to enjoy tons of food and time with family. I'm sorry I've been MIA lately but I had a great Christmas(es) and got to see most of my family plus spend a great couple of days with my boyfriend :)

But on to the post, Happy New Years! early. I work third shift tonight and gotta get my car fixed and run errands tomorrow so I prolly won't be around. So like every other New Years people are already making and posting their resolutions so I suppose I'll share the few that I've come up with since usually when people make resolutions they are sure the never accomplish them. So here's my resolutions:

One: Be more optimistic. I tend to be very negative when I really don't need to be so something to work on and change this year.
Two: Don't let things get to me. Its not worth it. People suck. Life sucks. No point in stressing.
Three: Be a better person. Just in general. Better sibling, daughter, girlfriend, etc.
Four: Get healthy. I'm just over getting sick so time to start running and eating better and such.
Five: Do well in school. There is not really any reason not to.
Six: Never take anything for granted. It may disappear.

So thats just a broad look at my resolutions for this year. I'll prolly post my January goals that are more in depth and also a look at how I did on keeping my last years resolutions later this week. I'm looking forward to blogging more very soon. :) So what're your resolutions?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from Gunner and I! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Animal Monday

December Goals

Sooo its officially December 2012. The month we're supposed to die.. okay but seriously it is the end of 2012 and that both depresses and excites me because that means a new year to make changes, mistakes, memories, and friends. But thats still a month away so first we get to survive this chilly month full of Christmas, snow, and everything else that comes with it. So heres my goals for the month:

One. Survive Christmas. Which with my many families is quite an adventure.
Two. Get Gunner trained. This is proving to be an even bigger adventure seeing as how I've already learned that he is deathly afraid of baths, doesn't like leashes, LOVES to bark, and loves to chew on everything in sight. So wish me luck.
Three. Have my work stuff finished. I have ServeSafe certification on the 19th and 20th and I have a little bit of work left to do in my books then I'll finally be finished with everything.
Four. Get my classes scheduled. Hopefully I'll be getting that done by next week or so...
Five. Start tanning again. I'm so incredibly pale. It saddens me.
Six. Start running again. I'm also rather out of shape..
Seven. Drink more water and less pop. This should be interesting since I drink Dr. Pepper non stop at work. But its a ton of unneeded calories and such.
Eight. Get my iphone fixed. yeahhhh... I smashed it at work. Hopefully I'll get to take it to the Apple store next weekend. I miss Team IPhone...
Nine. Spend time with my boyy. Put two workaholics in a relationship and you get a pretty miserable situation overall so this month I hope things will settle down a bit so I can see him some more. I'm not holding my breath but one can hope.
Ten. Start saving up to pay my dad back. My dad so graciously paid off my school debt so that my credit isn't suffering anymore and I can get ready for next semester so I need to start paying him back as soon as I can.

So theres a peek into my goals for December. What kind of goals do you have?

Happy December from Gunner and I :)

Friday, November 30, 2012


1. Alcohol - Alright so literally like two weeks ago, I partied every night... all week.
2. Junior Prom - Me and my males minus my date, Austin :)
3. Beer - just delicious 
4. Friends - just goofing around in Chuck E. Cheese in West Virginia with Alex and my seester
5. Jax - Demon cat
6. French Vanilla Iced Coffee - I live off this stuff. Literally.
7. Family - My baby sister JJ and I at my step dads birthday gathering
8. Puppy - My baby Gunner :)
9. Goofiness - My sister eating popcorn at the early premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 2
10. Good Times - Grace and I hanging out with our drunk friend at Country Concert 2012
11. Food - Frickers with my buddy Storm
12. Love - Me and my boyy :)
13. Work - Third shift candy collection. Fun stuff.
14. Habits - My lighter
15. Candy - Pretzel M&M's. Freaking amazing. 


Good morning blog readers! :)

Mmk so I got a puppy. Well, actually, my boyy got us a puppy from one of our coworkers and after a little bit of debating we named him Gunner. He's a Pitt Bull/Boxer/Dalmatian and prolly something else. Regardless, hes adorable. So heres our baby boy (:

Needless to say, I love this little man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, puppies are a lot of work and I don't have time for it and I shouldn't have given myself something else to stress about (can you tell I've already heard all of this?) and more bills but I think he's been really good for me cuz it gives me something to focus on other than work that stresses me out to no end. Plus I've managed to quit smoking (small victory) and partying and generally I'm getting my life together so I think its worth it. Yeah he's a lot of work but I mean its nice to have someone that needs me and it gets me out of my baby craze for now. It's just rough feeling like a mom with no baby so I just baby the puppy. :) Plenty more pics and updates to come in the future. Stay tuned!

Happy Friday

Alright so this is kinda awkward.. It's literally been a week since I've posted and I'm sorry for that. Things have been pretty nuts. I put in like 46+ hours at work this week and I got a puppy! Plus I'm trying to get my life together and such but I'll have another post on that prolly after this since right now I'm just hanging out on campus while my sister has lab.