Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas! :)

So I'm really sorry about the lack of posts lately :( but thanks to those of you who are still reading! The New Year will be better! I promise. :)

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas like I did. I got to spend lots of time with my family and it was pretty great. :) But I also had 5 Christmases. One of the perks of split families I suppose. Of course I also got some pretty awesome stuff so heres a little bit of what I got:

1. Slide-out Keyboard for IPhone- This is legitly the coolest thing ever. That was my biggest thing against the IPhone because I would rather have buttons over just a touch screen so my mommy got me a bluetooth slide-out keyboard to go with my IPhone :D So awesome.
2. Glitter- gift from Haley to go along with The Place Downtown (which I will post about and explain... lol) and "the glitter on the floor" :)
3. Spongebob Pillow Pet- I love my dad. Seriously. Only he would get me and Bri matching Spongebob Pillow Pets. So cute. :)
4. Sims 3 Pets- Yep. I'm still lame and play it in my chill time. So my daddy got it for me. :)
5. IPod Nano- I couldn't even believe my mom remember this. I had mentioned I wanted one for when I ran so I didn't have to take my IPod touch so she got me a little 2g Nano. It's adorable and I love it. :)  HOWEVER, she put it in a locked box... which I couldn't get open... so Scott broke it.

6. Picture & Frame- gift from Ashley from senior night at the football game... I feel old... but I love it. :)

7. Gift cards & Cash- got tons of these. :)
8. Card holder- I have no idea why but I freaking love this little thing that my dad randomly got probably. :)

So thats a little bit of what I got. So heres what I got others!
1. Taylor- Justin Bieber doll. Funny right? :)
2. Kaleb- Ohio State snuggie
3. Mom- Digital picture frame
4. Nikki- Necklace and earrings
5. Ashley- Robotic bunny. Sooooo cute. :)
6. Haley- Necklace
7. Markus- Photo book of our shenanigans
8. Scott- Aero cologne
9. Candyel- Barbie to go with her new house
10. Gabi- Fancy brush kit
11. Bri- Dinosaur pillow pet and a new purse
12. JJ- lotion and lip gloss stuff
13.Tyler- Transformers

Annnnd thats about it. Pretty great holiday season for me. I even got to see my long lost Uncle Ed and kick Dad's butt at Euchre. :)

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