Friday, February 24, 2012

Shopping Spreeeeee

This is just a silly post sharing what I got on my major shopping spree in Chicago and in Fort Wayne (:

New Bag from Glenbrook Mall

Couple things from Bath and Body Works

Debs in Fort Wayne:

-White sweater skirt
-Sequin tank top
-Blue long sleeve sweater dress

Victorias Secret in Chicago:

-Orange Bikini
- <3 Chicago Yoga Pants
-Grey Chicago hoodie
-Blue Love Pink shirt

Thursday, February 23, 2012


So I was checking out some stuff and then I realized that I never made my post about Ash Wednesday/Lent!

Okay so I'm not Catholic BUT I think the idea of giving something up for God is good. So call me stupid or whatever but I did agree to give up some things for Lent. Here's some ideas for you guys:

  • Pop- Try some water for a change. It'll be good for you.
  • Swearing- Especially for people who have a habit of doing it a lot... like me... sorry.
  • Procrastinating- For those of you that choose this... good luck and I'm extremely jealous of your will power...
  • Shopping- This would kill me.. haha.
  • Junk food- Also, a good idea if you wanna lose a few pounds before bikini season and going off of that...
  • Chocolate/Candy- Maybe go for some fruit instead.
  • Tanning- Though this would suck if you're only tanning for prom...
  • Drinking- You can party later.
  • Facebook/Blogger/Tumblr/Twitter- Maybe that would help with procrastinating. 

So those are just a couple that I've heard of that a lot of people do. What're you giving up for Lent? :)

Trip to Chicago!

So over the presidents day weekend, my mom and I decided to take a trip to Chicago to get my prom dress. (No we did not go all the way to Chicago just to get my dress. It was for the adventure. (: ) On sunday morning we got up at 5am to get on the AmTrak train in Bryan at 7:05. Granted the train was then late and we got on at about 7:30 but its all good.

Now if you've never ridden an AmTrak train, as you can see, they are extremely comfy. So I took a nap and mother harassed me with a camera. But seriously, the train ride was great. Its a lot like a giant tour bus. AND there is a train to Cedar Point!

We got to Chicago at about 10am (Their time. Which is an hour behind us. Talk about confusing for my poor ghetto phone. haha) and got Starbucks which was much needed. After that we got on the L train (which is just the above ground subway pretty much) to head to the boutique right outside of Chicago.

After getting off the L train and hopping on a bus for 16 blocks we made it to the boutique! And without getting lost!

The place we went was Peaches boutique in Midway. It was amazing! The whole place was huge and was part of an intense system. However, we weren't allowed to use any kind of electronics because it would slow down the process. Basically, you came in and got 3 dresses and they took them and hung them on a rotating thing in the back and you got a number. When they called your number you were given a dressing room and a personal assistant who helped you try on dresses and brought  you more that they thought you'd like based on what you tell them. After a while of being in there we managed to find my dress. :)

The one on the left is what it's supposed to look like but the one on the right is an actual picture. It's all sequin and I love it. A lot :)

So we got my dress then got back on a bus and the L train to head back into Chicago. Then we had to get on the underground subway to get to Water Tower Place which is the 7 story mall where we got dinner and did some shopping.

Well we had to kill time before we went to the Victorias Secret after hours sale so we went to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory store for a while where we got hot chocolate and cookies and played scrabble on mom's IPad. (:

Then we did some major shopping at VS (pics to come!) and got back on the bus to the train station to get back on the AmTrak train by 9:30. Then we arrived back in Bryan around 1am. So it was an extremely long day but it was well worth it. However, I would recommend going when it's not 30 degrees and windy all day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Vow Review

Okayyy so if you read my Valentines Day post you would know that me and my boyy went to see The Vow and before I had seen it I had heard mixed reviews. I had heard that it was awful and there was no point in seeing it and I also heard it was really really good so I decided to find out for myself and this is me sharing my views on it with you :)

  • Channing Tatum: so. hot. Nuff said.
  • The casting and acting was great. No complaints. 
  • I love Rachel McAdams
  • Story line was not super original but it kept you interested
  • Biggest complaint was the ending. It was nothing like a happy chick flick should end

Going off of that, my only advise would be don't have too high of expectations for it to be "so amazing" because you'll be disappointed. The movie was really good. But it was really hyped up and it's not extremely amazing. I highly recommend seeing it though. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Day!

Okay so clearly this is a little late but! Now it's here :)

The day out of the year dedicated to love. :)

Personally, I love Valentines Day. Its a day to do something special for someone you care about whether its your significant other, sibling, parent, friend, whoever. It's just for spreading the love. :) Oh and cheap candy. That's always a plus. :)

Some people, however, have dubbed the day "single's awareness day". Which is fine, whatever makes you happy. I don't agree with this however. Valentine's day is not solely for couples. It's just to show love for the ones you love.

My Valentines day was great with my amazing boyfriend :) It was a major plus that we both had school off too so we were able to go out for lunch at BDubs and then see The Vow with my best friend Joshua before we had to back to Ohio City for a wedding, by the way: Congrats to the happy couple. :) So all around an amazing day. I hope everyone else had a good Valentines Day as well. Spread the love! :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brianna Elizabeth Coon*

Alright so there is this girl. Her name is Brianna Elizabeth Coon. She was 17 years old when she left us. On the night of February 4th, 2012 Bri was driving, over correcting, and ended up trapped upside down in her car in a Putnam County pond. She managed to call 911 but they couldn't get to her in time.


Brianna was a coworker and a friend to me. Every day without her is a new struggle. I wasn't extremely close to her but we had so many good times and there is so much I still had to say. She was so gorgeous and smart and I was always so jealous of her. I wish she was here. I refuse to say goodbye though. I'll see her again.


She was a daughter, sister, niece, student, teacher, best friend, and an all around amazing girl. So many people loved her and cared about her and she will be forever missed. Maybe it was before her time but everything happens for a reason. God needed another gorgeous angel.

This isn't "goodbye". This is "see you later".