Thursday, February 23, 2012


So I was checking out some stuff and then I realized that I never made my post about Ash Wednesday/Lent!

Okay so I'm not Catholic BUT I think the idea of giving something up for God is good. So call me stupid or whatever but I did agree to give up some things for Lent. Here's some ideas for you guys:

  • Pop- Try some water for a change. It'll be good for you.
  • Swearing- Especially for people who have a habit of doing it a lot... like me... sorry.
  • Procrastinating- For those of you that choose this... good luck and I'm extremely jealous of your will power...
  • Shopping- This would kill me.. haha.
  • Junk food- Also, a good idea if you wanna lose a few pounds before bikini season and going off of that...
  • Chocolate/Candy- Maybe go for some fruit instead.
  • Tanning- Though this would suck if you're only tanning for prom...
  • Drinking- You can party later.
  • Facebook/Blogger/Tumblr/Twitter- Maybe that would help with procrastinating. 

So those are just a couple that I've heard of that a lot of people do. What're you giving up for Lent? :)

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