Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trip to Chicago!

So over the presidents day weekend, my mom and I decided to take a trip to Chicago to get my prom dress. (No we did not go all the way to Chicago just to get my dress. It was for the adventure. (: ) On sunday morning we got up at 5am to get on the AmTrak train in Bryan at 7:05. Granted the train was then late and we got on at about 7:30 but its all good.

Now if you've never ridden an AmTrak train, as you can see, they are extremely comfy. So I took a nap and mother harassed me with a camera. But seriously, the train ride was great. Its a lot like a giant tour bus. AND there is a train to Cedar Point!

We got to Chicago at about 10am (Their time. Which is an hour behind us. Talk about confusing for my poor ghetto phone. haha) and got Starbucks which was much needed. After that we got on the L train (which is just the above ground subway pretty much) to head to the boutique right outside of Chicago.

After getting off the L train and hopping on a bus for 16 blocks we made it to the boutique! And without getting lost!

The place we went was Peaches boutique in Midway. It was amazing! The whole place was huge and was part of an intense system. However, we weren't allowed to use any kind of electronics because it would slow down the process. Basically, you came in and got 3 dresses and they took them and hung them on a rotating thing in the back and you got a number. When they called your number you were given a dressing room and a personal assistant who helped you try on dresses and brought  you more that they thought you'd like based on what you tell them. After a while of being in there we managed to find my dress. :)

The one on the left is what it's supposed to look like but the one on the right is an actual picture. It's all sequin and I love it. A lot :)

So we got my dress then got back on a bus and the L train to head back into Chicago. Then we had to get on the underground subway to get to Water Tower Place which is the 7 story mall where we got dinner and did some shopping.

Well we had to kill time before we went to the Victorias Secret after hours sale so we went to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory store for a while where we got hot chocolate and cookies and played scrabble on mom's IPad. (:

Then we did some major shopping at VS (pics to come!) and got back on the bus to the train station to get back on the AmTrak train by 9:30. Then we arrived back in Bryan around 1am. So it was an extremely long day but it was well worth it. However, I would recommend going when it's not 30 degrees and windy all day.

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