Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Vow Review

Okayyy so if you read my Valentines Day post you would know that me and my boyy went to see The Vow and before I had seen it I had heard mixed reviews. I had heard that it was awful and there was no point in seeing it and I also heard it was really really good so I decided to find out for myself and this is me sharing my views on it with you :)

  • Channing Tatum: so. hot. Nuff said.
  • The casting and acting was great. No complaints. 
  • I love Rachel McAdams
  • Story line was not super original but it kept you interested
  • Biggest complaint was the ending. It was nothing like a happy chick flick should end

Going off of that, my only advise would be don't have too high of expectations for it to be "so amazing" because you'll be disappointed. The movie was really good. But it was really hyped up and it's not extremely amazing. I highly recommend seeing it though. 

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