Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Teen Survival Tip: Stress Control

So if you know anything about me, follow me on twitter, creep my Facebook (so not judging. ha), or read this little blog regularly, you know that my life is just a hot mess (stolen from Jenna Marbles but extremely accurate). There is no other way to describe it. On a normal day I'm up by 6:15 and don't sleep til 2. I have school (which includes two AP classes with about 5 assignments a night), work (which is usually a minimum of a 5 hour shift), senior project stuff (volunteering, essays, blah), scholarships and college stuff, doctors appointments, then homework along with juggling (attempting, at least) to keep a normal social life and spend some time with my boyfriend. So as you can imagine, things get pretty crazy because there are just not enough hours in a day. Thats a brief overview of my life and I would say its pretty freaking stressful at times. Annnnnnnd I bet a lot of your schedules are very similar so therefore you are probably also stressed too.

Have no fear! I have tips! :)

Okay first of all, some main causes of stress for teens:

  • Homework/school/teachers
  • Friends/Enemies
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Money
  • Work/coworkers/boss
  • Social status
  • Future plans

Now, you may ask, how can you fix this? Orrrrr maybe you aren't asking this... and this becomes awkward... But anyways, here are some good ways to relieve stress:

  • Meditation/Yoga- Both of these help settle your mind and just let you relax
  • Power nap- also relaxing and refreshing
  • Exercise- Go run, lift weights, walk your dog, or whatever you do to work your muscles. This will help you work off the stress and make you feel better.
  • Venting- call up a friend and just spill your guts out or write it out
  • Creative activity- you can paint, draw, write, sing, ect to get your mind off of things and help you feel better while doing something you love. 
  • Go out with friends- just being around people you love will make things better
  • Listen to some music- sad, happy, loud, soft. if you music makes you happy, play it and chill for a bit.

Here are some bad ways to relieve stress:
  • Drugs and alcohol- hurting your health for starters. This is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  • Eating- leads to bad bad habits and a bigger pant size.
  • Shopping- my biggest problem.. just leads to more money stress. I promise.
Annd thats all for today. Feel free to comment or hit me up for any comments or questions (:

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