Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dark Shadows Review & Adventure

So for those of you that share my love for Johnny Depp will know that he recently released a new movie called Dark Shadows.

My friend and I got this bright idea to go see it at the midnight showing in Fort Wayne because we love Johnny Depp. Duh. And needless to say, it was fantastic. Here's just some points I liked:

  • Johnny Depp was a sexy vampire
  • It was absolutely hilarious (It made a McDonalds reference that made me crack up)
  • The special effects was pretty awesome seeing as how it was a magical beings kind of movie
  • Plot line was pretty creative and made you think a bit
  • Casting was beautiful (No Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart is always a plus)
  • Johnny Depp was a sexy vampire (oh wait.. I said that.. still true)
  • It was dark and kinda scary but mostly funny and never boring
Overall, I absolutely loved it. Which is to be expected from a Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp. It's like the perfect combo. :) I highly recommend going to see it!

this just made me smile :)

The Adventure:
For those of you that know me, things never go like I plan them so here's a little story of the night we went to see Dark Shadows...

Pick up my friend and head off to Fort Wayne (with a full tank of gas). My phone dies on the way over so we don't have navigation but it can't be that hard to find Regal Cinemas right? Well sure if the Colosseum exit wasn't closed. Alright so we decide to just keep driving down 30. Some how we end up in Jefferson Point which is actually great! Cuz now we get to go to the Rave where the seats are awesome! Hurray! 

Yes we wore Hello Kitty footy pajamas.

 We're so cute :)

 Johnny Depp!!! :D
So fun :)

The movie was great and we had a total blast but then we realized we had no die how we got to the Rave and still had no navigation and it was now 2am. So we just started driving back the way we came but then we made the fatal mistake of taking the wrong turn when the road forks and ended up in the middle of Payne. 

This is just a rough estimate but A is where we started. B is the Rave. C is Payne (though I bet we took a more jacked up way to get there but you get the point). D is New Haven because after we got to Payne and the road we were following was closed, we took a detour. Then that road was closed and we got stuck driving on this all stone road out in BFE going 20 mph for forever. It was awful. And somehow we ended up back in New Haven. No idea how. At all. But we did then we went the other way and got home. Thank god. It was quite an adventure to say the least. Only us... I swear...

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