Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Hunger Games Review

Okay so this is only ridiculously late but I'm gonna write it anyways!

Like a month ago now, The Hunger Games came out in theaters. If you didn't know, before it was originally a book (which I HIGHLY recommend). So I went and saw the movie because I had read the book and heres my opinions:

  • Amazing effects- especially with all of the Capital futuristic stuff and some of the stuff during the actual games
  • Extremely well casted- The characters really matched how the book portrays them
  • Matched the book VERY well- You know how they always make books into movies and then they are no where near the same? Well it really wasn't the case with this pair. The movie was almost exactly like the book except for the background story behind the Mockingjay pin. However, I personally liked the movie's explanation better because honestly, her friend appears in the series like twice and is really a very unimportant character. Therefore, to save time and confusion, they took her out and changed it so that Prim gave her the pin which I thought made it more sentimental. 
  • Very upbeat and full of suspense- Especially when the mutant dog things come out. No one can say they didn't jump the first time. 
  • Relationships between characters were very well developed
  • Music was pretty good

I loved the movie so much and can't wait til it comes out on DVD. My only complaint is that they maybe didn't spend enough time on the games when they should have but otherwise I loved every bit of it and I high recommend seeing it if you haven't!

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