Saturday, May 19, 2012

In Case You're Curious

Just in case you're curious, here's whats going on in my hot mess of a life:

  • High school: done, over. About freaking time. I've only been stuck there for like forever and a half. 
  • Graduation and Party: Getting all that over and done with this weekend (will post about it probably sunday night or monday)
  • Got a house: Finally. Just waiting on the loan paperwork to be finished and me and the roomies will be moving back to V-Dub in a nice big house. Super duper excited :)
  • Got my interview with a head honcho: Cuz I want to do nothing else but spend my life at McDonalds. At least I'll be a manager and be getting better money and hours. 
  • Scheduled college classes: Got my summer classes scheduled and starting next month I will be in college.. now I just gotta figure out where to get a thousand dollars to pay for it. Taking donations! :)
  • Ready to enjoy my summer: Self explanatory. :)
So thats a little insight to my life. Stay classy readers

oh hey and I love you. :)

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