Saturday, May 19, 2012


Alrighty so I meant to do this post a while ago (since I've now been out of school for almost a week... eek...) but obviously

It's Summer! :D

So that being said, I feel like I should share with you just some of the stuff that I plan/hope to do this summer :)

  • Laying out by the pool - A definite
  • Cedar Point - Gah! I love Cedar Point. I can't wait :)
  • Getting lots of sun - Another definite
  • Country Concert - SO EXCITED :D
  • Getting my tan on - much much needed
  • Kalahari with my friends - Still haven't been there. It must happen
  • College - Gag me with a fork.
  • Day trip to Chicago - Already done it once for my prom dress but I loved it so much so of course it's gotta happen again :)
  • Possibly another couple concerts - I love music :)
  • Moving and chilling with my roomies - Of course. 
  • Getting in shape - Much much much needed.
  • Working - I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a pencil but it must be done...
  • Shopping - I love shopping so much...
  • Wrestling in Pudding - Don't ask
  • Bonfires - lots and lots
  • Camping - well maybe... 
  • Road Trips - Duh. Love them.
  • Florida? - If I can get outta class....
So yeah. Thats my plans for the summer. What're yours? (:

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