Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Piercings?

So. 3 days. Then I'm 18. So of course I'm gonna get some new piercings. My roommate even agreed to get one with me. (:

Here's the ideas:

1. Tragus- almost positive I'm getting this in my left ear just because it's ridiculously adorable and I've been wanting it for like a year now

2. Cartlige- also pretty sure I'm getting this prolly in my right ear so that it's opposite my nose ring and I don't have all my Piercings in the same ear

3. Thirds- I want to but my work frowns on it and a couple people said my ears are too little. Which is lame..

4. Belly button- I want to but honestly I struggle because summer is almost over so no one will ever see it but I still think its super cute and I kinda want to while I still kinda have the body for it. Idk though..

So there's my ideas. Feel free to share thoughts, opinions, and advice (:

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