Monday, July 23, 2012


Alrighty so I'm sure I've mentioned it before in one or more of my posts but I'm currently attending Rhodes State college in Lima for a like 6 or 8 week summer quarter.

Here's kind of the back story, when I had gotten pregnant I had applied and gotten accepted into OSU Lima, Rhodes, and Wright State and had decided to take a summer quarter at Rhodes so that in November when I was supposed to pop out a kid I wasn't taking a full load of classes at OSU Lima. Well, after I had my miscarriage and procedure and what not everyone asked me if I was going to go ahead and go to BGSU like I had originally planned before the pregnancy and at the time I was still seeing my boyfriend and hanging out with my friends in Van Wert and loving my job and planning to move forward with that so I decided to go ahead and do the summer quarter at Rhodes and fall at OSU Lima to get my Zoology degree instead of BG.

So here I am. Actually in class at the moment waiting for my Psych class to start cuz my Soc class got out early. I take Soc from 7:45-10:50 and Psych from 11-1:50 every Monday and Wednesday until August 8th. Let me tell you, I hate it. Its so awful. My classes are so easy and the professors go straight off the notes that they require us to print off so basically I could read the notes and teach myself in bed everyday instead of come to class if it wasn't 100 of attendance for the quarter for each class. So pointless and frustrating. And I'm in class with a bunchif people like 30 years old and older with at least 2 kids each who are prolly like my age. On top of that, all these people think they are smarter than the professor and mouth off and argue about literally EVERYTHING. It's so freaking annoying. Like seriously, shut up and learn.

Anyways! The point of this post was not for me to rant about people but I actually just wanted to share the differences I've seen in college classes already vs. high school classes.

Number 1: ummm you can't get an F.. At least here at Rhodes you can't. Both of my classes have a grading scale that goes A, B, C, D, and E. which is obviously different from high school.

Number 2: you don't know anyone. Like seriously. Also, this could be different for some smaller universities. And most people aren't dumbe enough to take summer classes.

Number 3: going along with 2, there are so many different people in your classes. Like I have one lady in here that has five kids and she's from over in Asia some where. This one guy is like 25 and he's served all over the middle east in the military. This other guy is like 75. One girl in my psych class is 17 and taking this class as post secondary before her senior year. Another guy is 21 graduated from St. Mary's high school. It's just random. Which could be because it's summer classes.

Number 4: the professors literally do not care what you do in class. I've slept, played on Facebook and twitter, texted, listened to music, ect. And they won't say a word unless you're distracting others. You're paying for it. You fail, sucks for you not them.

Number 5: you're also allowed to eat and drink whatever you want which is really nice

Number 6: you can get up and leave if you want to. Prolly not advised but you can.

Number 7: my tests, I show up, take the test, and walk out. That's it. And my last exam is on line. Same with the papers. They all get turned in online. I've done two papers so far (and got As on both) and they only had to be a page, double spaced. It's so simple.

Number 8: unfortunately I have realized that unlike high school you can't just not study and get an A... Damn...

Number 9: we get breaks during class which is pretty sweet. Again that might only be summer classes since they are like 3 freaking hours long....

So yeah. That's what college has been like for me. I'm kinda bummed I didn't go to University but I can't say that I'm gonna hate paying less for school and getting to live in a house with my amazing roommates. Plus the food is better (:

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