Monday, July 16, 2012

Country Concert 2012

WARNING: Picture heavy!!

I know you've all been waiting anxiously to hear about my Country Concert experience. Okay maybe not but here it goes!

We got up at like 4:30am to shower and get ready so we can leave by 5ish to drop off the younger kids and pick up Miss Amee who went with us and to get some iced coffee (which was terrible btw...) and get on the road. We got there about 7am and got in line for the Golden Circle bands. Gates for the Gold Circle opened at 9 so until then we got to cram in with a bunch of hot, smelly people who were mostly hung over or getting drunk... at 8 in the morning... it was ridiculous. So Grace and I get up there and manage to get bands because we actually had real chairs (like seriously? people stuffed bags with cardboard. Just bring a chair. So dumb)

However, Grace's mom and Amee didn't make it so they had to sit in general admission with all the crazies. haha. But after we got our chairs set up and what not we went out for breakfast and went to Kmart to get ready. 

Then rode back to the concert to catch Ashton Shepherd

I freaking love her :)
Alrighty so that was just our ride to the concert. Special thanks to Amee for letting us use her IPhone :)
Now to concert pics!

All together we saw:
Ashton Shepherd
Craig Campbell
Jerrod Niemann
Sara Evans
Luke Bryan
Blake Shelton

More Pics:

Oh and this is our new (drunk) friend Matt from PA. He was pretty awesome. :)

So over all the concert was absolutely amazing and the experience was just like no other and I can't wait to go back again next year. 

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