Sunday, July 1, 2012


Alrighty so clearly I fell off the grid again and I'm sorry. But here is a little bit of my currently:

Eating: Nothing. Just finished KFC for dinner (:

Drinking: Water

Watching: 16 and pregnant

Doing: This blog post and catching up on all the photo posts I didn't get around to doing (oops...)

Texting: No one.. forever alone..

Thinking about: Life. Love. Happiness. School. Bleh. Everything.

Worrying about: My two tests I have tomorrow that I haven't studied for at all.. My jobs that I'm epically failing at...

Striving for: Working my butt off at two jobs to save up some money for school and such. Getting moved in and settled into the new house (appliances come in wednesday and hopefully my bed will be in around the same time!) Not failing the two classes I'm taking now.

So thats whats up currently for me. I hope everyone has a good week to come :)

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