Sunday, July 22, 2012


Eating: Granola bars

Drinking: Water

Watching: The Hills Season 4: Episode 15

Texting: Yeah.. No one... I'm really getting worried that I always do these when I'm not talking to anyone... I look like a major loser...

Doing: Reading these chapters in my Psych book and cramming for this test tomorrow. Which I'm pretty sure is what I was doing the last time I did this..

Thinking about: My priorities. School. Work. My birthday (Post coming!). SC2. Dating. Future.

Stressing about: My jobs and getting my grades up so my GPA doesn't suffer. Making it financially to next pay check... aka not running outta gas..

Striving for: Get my IPhone. My paycheck sucked last week so I gotta work my butt off to make more money cuz I miss my IPhoneness. Make it through this week... Last week almost killed me with school, work, and some... other activities that I'm swearing off this week which resulted in major sleep deprivation and I've gotten really sick so thats kinda bad.. So this is recovery week. Work, school, eat well, sleep more, ect. Oh and I gotta fix my hair...

So heres the story... One drunk night (I know. Great start) I decided I wanted to dye my hair blonde cuz it was black (plus the black makes me look albino if I'm too white and like a little indian child if I'm tan.. I can't win) and I'm extreme so I thought it would be awesome. Well the idea stuck and a couple nights ago my roommate and I took hair bleach to it. Well it was major orange so we got another thing of bleach and tried it again and this is how it ended up. It's not terrible minus the fact that my roots are like white cuz it took the bleach better than the black did and it's like orange/yellow blondish. I hate it cuz I realized why I dyed my hair black in the first place (because I look awful with light hair.. stupid me) so as soon as my hair is less fried and angry with me, I'm dying it black again and never ever screwing with it ever again the end. So yeah.

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