Monday, July 30, 2012


Here we go again:

Eating: Southern Style Chicken Biscuit. Mmmm (:

Drinking: Dr. Pepper (breakfast of champs)

Watching: the Today show

Texting: phones dead. Plus it's like 9:30 in the summer, no one is up and not busy

Doing: killing time in the Lima McDonalds and stealing their wifi while I wait to go to my Psych class

Thinking about: how bad I prolly failed my Soc test this morning. How blogger should play nice with my IPad. My birthday (3 days!). Work.

Stressing about: the fact that my back is killing me... (Stupid air mattress...) How Im gonna afford to take a week off work to go to Florida (12 days!). How I'm gonna crack down and work out so I don't look scary in a bikini for Florida. Finals (10 days... Boooo...)

Striving for: find the motivation to crack down and start working out, eating better, stop wasting money, study for finals and ace them so I don't have a sucky GPA, and get my Soc paper written... Blah.

Obviously, I got quite a bit going on but I'm gonna be 18 in 3 days so I'm trying not to stress too much. Plus stress makes my face angry so I definitely don't need that too.

Happy Monday readers! :)

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