Monday, July 16, 2012


Alright so this is gonna be another one of those touchy posts where I make more enemies than supporters but hey. That seems to be how I roll.

So religion. Easily the most sensitive topic on earth. 

To start off, I'm not here to say anyone is wrong or right or try to change anyone's views or piss anyone off but I'm gonna voice my opinions cuz that's what I do. 

First of all, I cannot stand preaching people. Like I understand it if you're a preacher, pastor, minister, ect but if you're just a person who is so involved in your religion that you have to go around jamming it down other peoples throats then you have a problem. I can kind of understand voicing your views to people but flat out saying "this is right and everything else is wrong" is flat out stupid.

Next, just cuz you go to church doesnt make you a Christian. Especially if you then go out and party and use substances that destroy the body that god supposedly gave to you. 

Going off of that, why is it that most "Christians" I know pick and choose which things they value and which they don't. According to the bible aren't you supposed to do all of it? Like I know a particular person who doesn't cuss, party, or anything but sex before marriage and judging people is fine. Like how is that okay? 

Then of course, you have the Christians who tell people they are going to hell. Thats definitely not judging and honoring thy neighbor. Thanks.

Finally, I can't stand people who use God as an excuse. "god made me do it" or "it was gods plan". No. You control your life and your actions. That's a bullshit excuse in most cases.

This is where it gets real. This "God" supposedly forgives whoever asks for forgiveness and is an ever loving being. So let me get this straight.. A murder can confess his sins and be forgiven but everyday terrible things are happening to good people and that's just okay? Cuz it's supposedly "Gods plan"? Like I don't get how that makes any sense.

I'll flat out tell you that I don't believe it. If this God actually exists then why would he put good people through hell? Why would he allow rape, murder, suicide, ect? To "test their devotion"? How is that right? Why should I supposedly live my life for this figure that makes all these rules and supposedly loves us but puts us through all sorts of hell to test us? 

I dont get it. But that's my views and I would be more then happy to listen to anything anyone has to say otherwise but that's where I stand. Thanks and have a good week readers (:

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  1. Religion is like a penis... It's perfectly okay to have one just don't whip it out in public or shove it down my throat.