Monday, July 16, 2012

Rock the Resort 2012

So to my surprise, my amazing daddy got tickets for my sister, my step mom, him, and I to go to Rock the Resort in Canal Fulton, OH. I was pumped, I won't lie. It was my second concert of the summer and it was COMPLETELY different from the one previous (Country Concert). The concert was a two day event featuring the following bands:

Papa Roach
Hollywood Killz
Adelita's Way
Finger Eleven

Needless to say, I was stoked because I love most of those bands soooo much (Okay honestly I had never heard of Hollywood Killz not that it matters cuz we missed them anyways and I only knew one song by Finger Eleven... much like the rest of the world... but the rest I knew!)

Now the pictures!

The concert was absolutely amazing and it was super fun to see the people get arrested and fight and such. (I have a cruel sense of humor.) Plus my step mom got a picture with Adelita's Way and got them to autograph our CD then paid for their food. It was pretty sweet. They were so cool like they just chilled with everyone and drank beer and watched the other bands. It was great and I can't wait to post some of their stuff for you all. :)

I will have another post with more pictures as soon as my sister and Nikki upload to them to Facebook for me to steal.

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