Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tattoo Ideas

I was gonna save this for tuesday but I'm bored. Basically, I turn 18 in 4 days and of course I'm having rebellious thoughts of getting a tattoo. However, I've been struggling with what to get since it's going to be on my body forever and I really don't want to regret it. Also, I don't want to get something that could hurt my professional future. Soo that narrows it down to a tattoo that means something and one that can be covered easily.

My baby twin (Post) and I have been talking recently because she will be turning 16 later in the month and she would looooooove to be spiteful and get a tattoo. So we started exploring sister tattoos. You can see her post here.


Number 1: I absolutely love this tattoo and it so fits us. Plus, its exactly where I'd get it.

Number 2: I also like this one. Not as meaningful but also cool.

Number 3: I also really like this one and my shoulder is the other place I'm considering getting it

Number 4: I really really like this one too.
Number 5: I like it but possibly too simple

Number 6: Maybe a little too cliche for my tastes but still cute

Number 7: I love this just because I really like the infinity sign 

So any thoughts and opinions or votes would be much appreciated. I'm so excited :)