Monday, August 6, 2012

18th Birthday!

Alrighty so my birthday is officially over (duh. it was thursday) so I figured I'd tell you how it went :)

Got up and hung around with the twins until Jen came home. With ice cream cake.

She really is the best roommate/friend/partner ever. Seriously. It was delicious. However, I tried to cut my finger off while cutting it... sadface. So Jen offered me a normal band aid but I wanted an Avengers one (:

So we had amazing ice cream cake then laid around and went to wal mart before heading off to get our tattoos (post to follow). Shockingly enough, it only took a half hour for both of us so we went back to the house and colored my hair (It was still kinda brown. Courtney's fired. lol) Then I walked down and had a delicious dinner that my wonderful mother made me. She also made me a ridiculously awesome chocolate cake with these super cool candles. 

I think she likes me on some days. hee hee. Then Jen and I went to wal mart again (why? who knows...) and ended up picking up Grace and giving her a ride home where we got to chase her chickens around. I finished the day watching Big Brother with my momma. It was pretty great (:

Friday was the day of my actual party/Jen's housewarming party for her friends. I started the day with an amazing breakfast feast with my girlfriend.

Where she also gave me my gifts. She is the best girlfriend ever. Hands down, no contest. 

Then I got to go home and finally go to bed (at 7am...) til Jen got home and be began the pre-party partying with Courtney while watching Burlesque. The party turned out to be tons of fun and thanks to everyone who came over and hung out with us because it really was an amazing time that I'm never gonna forget. Mostly because Jen and I got pretty messed up and spent some time throwing up later and I got to pay for it all morning the next day when I worked 6am-12pm while throwing up with a throbbing headache. Well worth it though (: 

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