Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little Bit of Whining Then Some Inspiration

Obviously, I've been a little MIA on the posting lately.

So, I started fall semester on Wednesday and let me just tell you, I fail at college. Amazingly, I did make it to my first 8am math class on time, which is astounding because I hate math and mornings, just to find out that the professor is hardcore strict and angry. On top of that, the class is so ridiculously easy I was bored to death. All my classmates are way older and half of them can't even operate a calculator. Legitly. It was awful. Plus there are like 50 problems a night for homework on top of a graded worksheet and a quiz every week. Did I mention I hate math?

After suffering through that, I had a couple hours to chill before going to my history class which wasn't terrible except for the fact that I have a paper due next week over a book I don't have or have read. Total, I have 5 papers to write and 5 books and a textbook to read to get done for this semester. Ugh.

Then I had a three hour chem lab which only lasted about 2 hours and was just getting stuff set up and wandering around the lab. Pretty easy. Lab reports are gonna be a breeze too apparently.

Chem lecture turned out to be really easy too minus the extreme list of assignments I gotta do for the semester. The professor is super cool though so I'm excited to see how it goes.

Overall, I can tell this semester is gonna be challenging... I have so much to do and I'm already behind cuz none of my books have come yet... I'm excited though because I think I get do this and still manage to work all the time and not die. We'll see though.

Now for some inspiration!

Have a good Friday readers! 

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