Monday, August 6, 2012

My First Tattoo

I label it that because there are definitely more to come. But for those of you who don't stalk my twitter, facebook, or instagram, heres my first tattoo!

So here's how all of this started: for my birthday I was gonna get my many piercings done. So Jen said that she would pay for one and get one with me as my birthday present. As we got closer to my birthday we started looking at tattoos and decided that Jen, Courtney, and I were going to get matching tattoos. We eventually settled that we were gonna get a star and didn't know what else. We were gonna split up "Live, Laugh, Love" and each have one word but we thought it'd look kinda weird separately so we decided to get all of it. I really like it because "Live Laugh Love" is pretty much my life motto and I mean I got it done with my best friend ever so it's meaningful and I love it. 

Yes. It hurt. A lot. The tattoo guy was shocked that I was dumb enough to get my first one on my shoulder which is one of the most painful spots to get it apparently but I didn't cry! So I'm proud of myself and it was all worth it because I love it a lot. Thank you so much Jen for the amazing birthday present! (: 

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