Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Olympic Love

Alrighty so anyone that knows me knows that I really don't do sports. At all. I just don't care. So I really haven't watch the Olympics much. Because again, I really don't care plus I don't have TV. However, I'm sitting here in McDonalds and the only events I actually care about in the Olympics come on: Equestrian Events. Which is actually three different events: Dressage, Cross Country and Jumping. I'm watching the Jumping currently. I just absolutely love watching it because the people and the horses are so focused and so in sync and it's just amazing. For the record, USA fails at this. Good thing we have Phelps.

I love horses. Like, slightly obsessed. Which I guess most girls are when they are little and then I just never grew out of it. I just figured I'd share that with you all. (:

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