Friday, August 10, 2012

Vacation - Day 1

Day 1 began at like 2am yesterday when we all got up and got ready to start the 13 hour drive to Florida. Luckily, I stayed up all night so I slept until about the Florida border which was pretty nice. At that point we got lunch at McDonalds (I was just thrilled... not) and I got to go back to reading my book (Which I finished. In two days.) We finally got to our condo around  4:30pm. Its not the condo we usually get so we really didn't know what to expect but to our surprise, it's actually pretty awesome.

Master Bedroom

Jacuzzi tub

Master bedroom shower

My bedroom with my sisters

Our TV


Dining room/Living room

Living room TV


Balcony view

another view from our balcony
So where we ended up staying in the Sheraton Vistana Resort and its actually pretty cool so I can't complain. Well, we got all unpacked and settled and my dad decided that instead of chilling our first night, that we needed to go out to dinner so I actually had to do something with myself. 
(Sorry for the lame mirror pics that are to come. Stupid Blackberry)


We went out to Sizzler's which is like a steak and grill place which was really good and now we're just chilling in the condo watching Giants vs. Jaguars football game. So pretty good first day. (:

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