Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation - Day 7

Dad wanted to get up early so he drug us outta bed at 8:30am annnnnnd I (like usual) didn't go to bed until 4am so that kinda sucked a lot. Got to have breakfast at Ponderosa then went to the flea market for some browsing. It was pretty cool. Then we got to make the two hour drive to Clearwater Beach.

It was beautiful and great time to work on my tan some more. We were there for a couple hours before heading over to my dad's friend's condo to hang out and eat some pizza. We had some great conversations about car wrecks and IPads. So all and all another really great day. Unfortunately, I'm currently packing my stuff cuz we gotta be out of our condo by 10 am.

Brightside, I'm happy to be going home to my roommates and friends. Downside, I'm gonna miss Florida and the relaxation.

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