Thursday, August 2, 2012

Year in Recap

So I'm officially 18. I can't really say I feel too different since I've been playing adult for like a year now but I can say that this year has really flown by. Looking back now, there has been a lot that has happened since my last birthday...

Well, I actually worked on my birthday last year at Taco Bell then the next day, quit. September 14th I started at Van Wert McDonalds and it wasnt too miserable there until the end. In June I quit Van Wert McDonalds and transferred to Delphos where I now work and I can honestly say I love it. The people are great and I actually enjoy coming to work. 

The ever fabulous senior year. I can't really say that it was terrible but i can't say it was really great either. I played varsity soccer as a starting forward/midfield for half a season and then quit because of a conflict with the coach (mostly cuz he can't coach... Which is prolly why he's never won a game... ). For most of the year I was taking 3 AP courses, choir, and band. The last quarter (after I found out I was pregnant) I dropped AP calculus and choir and went to GRADS class (which is just like an informal teen pregnancy  class that focuses on teaching you good values to help you parent and graduate) once a week for study hall. Senior homecoming and powderpuff were both pretty fun and senior year of band was great. Unfortunately, I didn't attend prom but no hard feelings cuz I got to go to my roommates' wedding reception. On may 20th I got my diploma and officially graduated Van Wert High School and I don't really think I miss high school at all. It was a fun ride but i'm glad it's over. I'm now finishing up my last couple classes at Rhodes for summer quarter and i can't wait to be done. 

I think this has been a really big year for family for me. I've gotten so much closer to my dad who wasn't able to be around much for my childhood and hes been one of the biggest influences in my life lately. Also, I feel like I've really gotten closer to my baby twin, Bri because with me not being in the house it seems like we get along so much better and can talk on a more serious level without the catty rivalry and drama that we used to have. 
My brother, Kaleb actually left for the Air Force in February and though we've never been really close, I can say that since he's been gone, we've gotten closer and can talk on a more serious level without the stupid family drama around. 
My sister, Taylor, and I don't speak and I'm pretty positive shes never gonna grow out of the catty drama and I honestly have no interest in talking to her. 
My mother, well, when I got pregnant she became my best friend and was the one who took me to all my appointments and was sitting in the hospital with me for 6 hours when I was miscarrying and she was the one holding my hand before I went in to get my operation done and for all of that I can't thank her enough. She also threw me an amazing grad party and considering the obstacles I think she did a fantastic job raising me to get here to my 18th birthday. However, in April she went through quite a personal struggle and we had a falling out when I chose to avoid the situation and she wanted me there and I ended up moving out. Now, I can't say our relationship is the greatest because I still have some issues with her husband but she's trying and I appreciate it and no matter what I love her.
My step father, I have to thank him for the things he did for me because he was basically my father growing up because my dad couldn't be. Lately, however, I can't bring myself to forgive him for being the one to rip me apart for hurting my mother then he does one of the most hurtful things of all and gets to be fine.

Well, on my birthday last year I was cuddled up with Chris while he was telling me about how he got fired. So things have definitely changed a lot. Chris and I were together for maybe a month after this and up til a couple days ago I hadn't spoken to him since then.
While working at Van Wert McDonalds, I met the amazing woman who is now my roommate, Jen. When I met her at work, I never thought we would even talk but then Austin and I visited her house a couple times and she offered to let us move in even if we were having a baby and when I moved out of my moms she let me stay with her. Now, 4 months later she has bought her first house and is letting me live there while I get through school and for that I'm so grateful. I couldn't have gotten this far without her. She has been my roommate, best friend, shoulder to cry on, psychiatrist, just everything and I love her so much and I wish I could thank her enough for all she does for me because I just appreciate it so much. 
Another major person in my life this year was Austin. My would've been baby daddy, ex boyfriend, ex coworker, ex best friend, and a big influence on my life. Currently, we're not speaking at all and maybe that's for the best. We had a major falling out and have gone our separate ways but whether I like it or not I love him. Prolly always will. Stupid emotions. He was an amazing boyfriend through everything. When I got pregnant he was willing to do whatever it took to keep me happy and to provide for our baby and when I miscarried he was one of my biggest supporters and I can just remember him always telling me that everything was gonna be okay and I believed him. He was just so amazing to me and I'll never be able to thank him enough for everything and I hope he knows that. I'm hurt that it's all over but at the same time I'm glad that he's happy cuz that's all that matters.
My best friend in the whole wide world has also been a big part of this year and that would be Grace. She has been the person that I know I can go to whenever. If I'm bawling my eyes out, if I want to celebrate me quitting, if I just want someone to spoon with (this really happened.. Multiple times.) some night, she was my girl. I love her to death and I can't imagine how I would have survived this year without her and I can't thank her enough for everything she did for me. 
Well just this summer I met some pretty awesome people who I'll never forget. One of them, Brodie, has become one of my best friends ever. He's just a great guy and at 2am when I'm putting myself through hell, he's the guy that stalks my Twitter and texts me to get me through it. I ducking (misspelled on purpose) love him and I hope that we continue to be friends in the future. Another one would have to be Ream, who when I tell him to come be bored with me in my empty room, in my empty house, comes right over and hangs out with me. Also the guy that had to be tortured with my whole life story in like three days and got to hold me when I cried. He's just awesome and I hope he sticks around this year. 
Along with my new friends, I still have my old friends that I love dearly. Markus and Jenelle, who will still make spontaneous plans to go be awesome and watch the sunset at the reservoir and vent with me. Courtney, who comes over and dyes my hair and takes my Willow virginity and has lately become my go to person for my random emotional crisises. Ashley, who still texts me about an country music update and I will hopefully be shopping with soon enough. And finally, Ali, my nun and running buddy, who will be leaving for the Air Force here in the next couple days (Good luck and I can't wait to see you when you get back!)

Well, i got pregnant with Baby Treesh and miscarried at 7 weeks. Other major things that happened this year would be me buying my first car, my little purple PT Cruiser which I love dearly. Also, my new hair colors and such. Then there was my amazing experiences at Country Concert 2012 and Rock the Resort 2012. 
I also feel like as a person I've really done a lot of growing and changing this year. I can't really say if it's for the good or bad but it's definitely happened and I don't regret it or anything about this past year. I am however super excited to see what my 18th year will have in store for me. Some things such as Freshman year of college are guaranteed but I can't wait to see what isnt planned. 

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