Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Change of Season: Fall

I'm legitly so excited for Fall. I love summer, don't get me wrong but fall is definitely my favorite season. I mean what's not to love? Bonfires, leaves changing colors, cappuccinos, hoodies, jeans, converse, etc. I'm so excited.

This will be my basic outfit all fall prolly.

Oh and of course the other thing that comes with fall..

I love football. I really do. I love my Buckeyes and my Browns (even though they suck.) and this year my boyy and his family are trying to get me to join the Steelers' band wagon. But my father would prolly murder me. We'll see though. I must say I've loved spending the last couple sundays curled up with him watching football. (:

I'll be sure to start posting pictures of my adventures this fall since I've already experienced new things like tractor pulls and net fishing in my boyy's pond. So keep checking in readers (:

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