Thursday, September 13, 2012


For those of you that care, this is much needed. For those of you that don't, sorry. 

SO. Just this week a lot has happened...

First of all, I wrecked my car. Yes, my pretty little purple cruiser is pretty messed up..

Story: I was going to my dads and I got off the exit and I took the turn wayyy too fast (cuz I drive like an idiot) and didn't realize I was that close and hit the guard rail pretty good. Can't even open the passenger side door. I'm fine but I did like $1300 worth of damage. Luckily, we are requesting that they not fix the corner panel so I should only have to pay $200 for my deductible and Scott (my mother's husband) is going to fix the corner panel. So big shout out and thank you to him and my insurance agent as well as Superior Collision who is gonna fix my baby!

Downside: I'm stuck driving my dad and step mom's old Dodge Town and Country farm van for at least 2 weeks since the shop is all backed up. Which is better than nothing so big thank you to them for lending it to me so I can make it to work and such!

Secondly, I nearly broke my hand and got to spend some time in Van Wert Emergency Room Monday night...

Story: not nearly as exciting as my wreck. I was walking by one of the counters at work and slammed my left hand into the corner pretty hard and it hit right between the two bones and there is still a pretty nice bump where I hit it. Got x-rays done and its just badly bruised and should be okay in a week or so. For now, it really freaking hurts.

Third, I had to drop this semester of classes. With my wreck setting me back $200 and my insurance ($700) due on November 1st, I just can't afford to pay the tuition and I've missed so much class cuz I have to go to work to pay for the stupid things that my grades suffered so I'm just gonna try again in the Spring. Honestly, I'm already 10 credit hours ahead cuz of summer school so I'm not worried about graduating on time and I'm excited to get a fresh start in the spring after I've had time to pay off all my debt and save some. 

So thats whats going on... I've pretty much been a disaster and my poor boyfriend has had to hear/see me cry about twenty times. But hes the best and has helped me a lot through all of it and I can't thank him enough. But enough of the sappiness. I'll survive and I have tons to get done with management (which I love) and I have a crazy weekend ahead with watching my boyy play football and truck pulls in Paulding tomorrow, going to a party with my boss and working 5-1am saturday, and a baby shower and watching football with my boyy on sunday (silly kid is trying to turn me into a Steelers fan). Its gonna be tons of fun. I can't wait :)

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