Monday, October 15, 2012

Shopping Adventure

So since I've been crazy busy and stressed I really wanted to get outta the house (and work) and hang out with my girlfriend, Grace. So we planned an all day Fort Wayne adventure. :)

I picked her up at like 7:30ish and we went out to breakfast at IHop across from the mall. Then we hit up the mall for some major shopping and bargain hunting like we do. It was just amazing. Then we had Starbucks which was perfect as always and wandered around the Halloween store before heading home. 

Heres what I got (:

1. Zebra Print Aviators - Okay seriously. These things are beyond BA. Amazing buy from Charlotte Rousse :)
2. Bling Lanyard - Hot Topic. Love love love it.
3. PINK Sweatpants - New favorite pants EVER. so comfy. Like guys sweatpants only they make your butt look good ;)
4. Zebra Billfold - Love it. 

Other pictures from the day:

1. Shopping bags in my back seat. 
2, 3, 4. Grace enjoying my front facing cameras
5. Grace playing with syrups
6. Starbucks! White chocolate mocha for me and Java chip for Grace
7. IHop breakfast
8. Grace harrassing me with my camera
9. General silliness
10. Front row parking? Hell yeah!
11. More silliness
12. Look at my hot girlfriend ;)
13. Aren't we cute? :)

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