Thursday, November 8, 2012

Financial Aid Rant

Alrighty so as you all may know, I'm a college kid. (sorta... okay not currently but I was and am going to be... hopefully...) And with college comes a big freaking bill and loans and other fun stuff. In my case, I didn't get any scholarships because I'm stupid and not special (or I got pregnant and busy and never really filled out any scholarship stuff... awkward...)

ANYWAYS! (Sorry. very ADD today. Lack of sleep) so when I signed up for school and such, I was given a loan to help cover tuition. But go freaking figure, it only covers some of the tuition and I still owed like some two thousand dollars to go to school. I don't know about you people but I don't exactly just have two thousand dollars laying around to hand to OSU. No. I don't. I just don't. So when I dropped out all my debt and stuff disappeared and I thought it was all good and such.

HAHAHAHA. No. OSU was like "eff you. here's some more fees because you're a loser and didn't pay it" so now I'm currently in debt to OSU for like 1600 some dollars which has to be paid before I can schedule for next semester... which is literally 2 months from yesterday... So this is kinda bad... Like really bad. Yay life.

But anyways when I got my loan or whatever, I was just browsing my student center stuff and this thing says "Approximate family contribution 26 something thousand out of the 24 thousand" I'm gonna owe. I literally laughed out loud. Cuz guess what! I'm never ever going to see 26,000 dollars from my parents. Ever. But guess what else! I can't change it. Cuz there is this really awesome thing called a FAFSA that you have to fill out to go to college where you have to tell them how much income you have and all about you and such. Weeeeeeeellllllll, heres the thing, unless you're a veteran, parent, married, emancipated, or considered homeless by some agency (like what?) you have to claim your parents income. Which sucks because my parents make pretty good money. That I'll never see. But I can't claim my income even though I'm on my own because I don't fit into one of the previously stated categories.

Like how does that make any sense? I'm 18 years old, out on my own, working at least 38 hours a week, paying all my bills on my own (insurance, car payment, credit card, rent, food, etc.) busting my ass but I don't deserve government help to go to school unless I go get married or knocked up? Bullshit. Excuse my language but its just bullshit and its not fair at all.

So theres my current stress and frustration. Needless to say, its gonna be a rough couple of months trying to come up with 1600 dollars and hoping I get it in time to start next semester... Wish me luck I guess.

Happy Thursday!

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