Thursday, November 1, 2012


Cuz I have nothing better to do at 5:07am. Especially since I gotta get the children up in an hour. haha (:

1. Shopping bags - Refer to my shopping adventures post
2. The girlfriend and I - after totally beasting it up on her quiz 
3. Writing - Kinda my thing (:
4. Playing Play Doh with the little brothers - so cute and fun
5. The Bears beating the Cowboys - Therefore me beating Zach :)
6. Me and the Boyy - We're cute. I'll post about him eventually. Maybe. 
7. Road - Driving to my dads in the AM after a night of third shift
8. My tattoo - did I mention lately that I love it? :)
9. Breezy and I - On homecoming night when she made me dress up
10. Me and Lexi - She's so cute :)
11. Dinner! - Waffles and bacon hee hee 
12. My Shelby puppy - I loves her :)

So thats a look at my life in pictures

Hope everyone has a good thursday! Good Morning! :D

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