Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Tattoo Ideas

So for those of you who don't know, I'm slightly addicted to tattoos and piercings. 

These are the two I have now:

I wanna get this on my ribs or down my right side:

On this one I want the top right corner put on my left shoulder for my grandma but without the date and the bottom right on my ankle:

and thats that. Just not in the budget right now.

I Has An Apartment!

Sure do. Its not much, one bedroom on the edge of Van Wert, but its better than nothing.

still pretty empty right now, I gotta get the rest of my furniture from various places so hopefully soon I can post a completed look at the new place (:

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Run In With The Law... And Another Car

Alrighty, hey, I guess I should prolly explain myself. So for those of you that personally know me, know that I'm always acting way too old for my age annnnnd it finally caught up with me.

I used to go out to a local bar/cafe with a bunch of my older coworkers after we'd get off from working third shift (which ends at 7am) for breakfast and a couple beers. Never was a big deal, I never went up there and got plastered and obnoxious. Just had a couple drinks and talked with everyone. Well, on my 19th birthday (which was a friday) we all went up there like normal and I was sitting with a couple guy friends at the bar and the next thing I know, there are two cops behind me telling me to come outside. So at 7:30am on my birthday I was chilling in the police station, bawling my eyes out, getting interrogated, had to take a breathalyzer, and charged with underage consumption. Definitely an experience. They take me home and tell me I'll be getting a court summons to Allen County.

A month later, I get my summons and go to court. The prosecutor pulls me and a couple other guys into a conference room and gives us papers for an online class that we can take to clear our records. We were told to plead 'not guilty and set to trial' and present the certificate that you'll get when you finish the class. So I do the class (which is absolutely miserable, I wouldn't wish it on anyone) and get the certificate and get a summons for my trial.

The day of my trial, I got off work at 7am and got to the house around 8 and laid down, needing to be up by 9. Of course, I overslept so I'm flying down the highway and get pulled over for 82 in a 55 and earn a $180 speeding ticket (somehow managed to not get a reckless op). I call the courthouse and tell them I'm gonna be late and head into lima. Right inside Lima, I dozed off coming to a stoplight and slam my Journey into a Honda, bashing my knee into the steering column that I later had to go to the ER for. Luckily, I don't get cited for the accident and the Journey still runs (kinda. Turns out I pushed the electric fan back and it was smacking the engine). My grandpa ended up taking me to court and I got all the charges expunged and my court fees paid. The Journey ended up at Superior Collision in Van Wert for like a month to get the $5000 worth of damage fixed...

So all in all, things were a little nuts but lesson learned and my car is all fixed up and life is looking up. (:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Huston, We Have A Problem;; Absence

Oh, hey there. I'm still here I promise. Things just got... I would say insane but that would be a bit of an understatement. Here's a bit of an update:

  • Started college. Sucked a lot but my classes weren't too bad.
  • Got in a bit of legal trouble that I'll explain in detail in a later post. But that required me to go to two different court appearances.
  • Two of my grandmas passed away. Again, posts to come.
  • Got my first speeding ticket. Had a really bad day that I'll explain later.
  • Wrecked my car/my dads car. Part of my bad day. which also resulted in a banged up knee and an ER visit.
  • I've moved from Delphos back to Van Wert then moved to Upper Sandusky and now I'm just kinda chilling in Paulding til I secure a place of my own.
  • Dropped out of college. Again. Just too much happened this semester that required me to miss class that I couldn't save my grades so I'll be back at it in January
  • Moved to second shift yesterday. Took a different position with more money. Strictly business. So now I work 3pm to 3am usually. The overtime sucks a lot but I gotta get the money around to get a place and take care of myself. 
So there you have it. My life sucks. Typical, typical. But head up and keep going, right?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rock Fest 2013

Line up:
Day 1-
Three Days Grace
Day 2-
Pop Evil
Theory of a Deadman
The Offspring
Day 3-

Day 4-

Rock Fest 2013 was absolutely amazing. It was in Cabott, Wisconsin which ended up being 10 hours away and we drove. Talk about too long in a car. It was worth it though. I went with my dad, his girlfriend, and my eight year old sister Candyel. My dad had bought us all reserved seating which meant we were closer to the stage and we got our own lawn chairs that we got to take home. The third day we walked outside our hotel (the day after seeing the Offspring in concert) and saw Kevin Wasserman (guitarist of The Offspring) hanging out outside our hotel, which was 40 minutes from the concert, having a cigarette so we stopped and talked to him for a bit. Then we loaded up a cooler of beer and headed over early where we met up with Nick, Mitch, and Sota (hes from Minnesota and the other two were from Illinois) who had parked beside us in a decked out van. We hung out, played some beer pong, and had a good time. The fourth day we all got to meet the band Otherwise, which if you haven't heard of them, look them up. They are easily one of my favorite bands and I can't wait to see them in concert again. The whole trip was fantastic and I'm looking forward to going again next year.

Our seats

Pop Evil

Theory of a Deadman's Tyler Connolly

Candyel and I



Just chilling with the security


sign on the way to the concert

Lead singer of Otherwise (left) singing with Device

Beeeeeeer. They only had Miller and Leienkugel

new hoodie

my 8 year old sister playing me in beer pong


Autographs from Otherwise

Candyel and I


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Country Concert 2013

So my friend Grace and I have had Reserved Seating passes since February and I couldn't freaking wait. And overall, it was a fantastic weekend. Lots of beer, friends, and some damn good country music. Here was the line up:

Day 1-
Colt Ford
Jake Owen
Jason Aldean

Day 2-
Kellie Pickler
Little Big Town
Dierks Bentley

Day 3-
Jana Kramer
Dustin Lynch
Chris Cagel
Lee Brice
Chris Young
Brad Paisley

We ended up driving there and home everyday instead of camping so it was my friends Ryan and Tim from work and then my friend Grace in my car. Then Grace drove us home two of the three days and Tim/I drove last night.

The performers were awesome, the music was great, everyone there was nice and it was just an overall amazing time minus some kinks. Some highlights: this guy I just met told me he loved me then fell over a cooler, got groped by some Canadians, we made Grace into a beer holder (even though she didn't drink all weekend), this nice Canadian lady with a cute accent asked Grace and I about our boots, got some beads, these assholes in the camp ground scared Grace and I with a rubber snake on a fishing pole, I smoked a Canadian cigarette, danced with quite a few people, Grace and I cuddled in this camper, played some beer pong, and just had a ton of fun. Downside, I lost three pairs of sunglasses in three days and two packs of cigarettes. It happens I guess. All of it was well worth it. Can't wait for next year.

Now for pictures!

Gotta spend today recovering and get through this week of work then off to Wisconsin thursday after work for Rock Fest! Sooo excited!