Friday, January 25, 2013

Meet Ashley!

So I prolly should've asked permission but I figure she stalks my blog so she'll see this soon enough but I figure I should do another one of these so you can meet the amazing people in my life. :)

Senior Powderpuff
8th grade D.C

One Acts

Senior Band camp

Football game

Senior football game

Band competition

Fort Wayne Trip 

Sophomore Year Band Camp
She's easily been one of my best friends for the longest. From now to wayyyy back in like the 7th grade when we became friends because of our friends Josh and Haley or band or whatever strange event that brought us together. I'm beyond glad it did. We've been together through New York, D.C, Band, Choir, Graduation, High School, AP Calc, Powderpuff college visits, just everything. Through the fights, tears, break ups, make ups, friends, classes, boyfriends, competitions, trips, etc. she's been an amazing friend over the years and I'm glad we got to grow up together and that she could be there for me and I be there for her. We've both been to hell and back in our own lives and through all of it I can't remember a time when we weren't friends and she's just the most amazing person. She's hilarious, goofy, smart, caring, I mean the list goes on and I just couldn't ask for a better friend to have grown up with. :)

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