Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Open Minded Review

For those of you who stalk, I mean read my blog actively, know that I've mentioned more than once that I had a list of piercings I was dying to get especially after I turned 18. Well, I finally did it.

Day 1: Tragus and Cartilage piercings 

Day 2: The girlfriend and I got our navel piercings done

All thanks to Bethany at Open Minded in Van Wert.

This place is just absolutely astounding from the amazing atmosphere to the beautiful jewelry to the awesome people there. The jewelry is custom made and one of a kind so that it's specialized to what you want. It's not overly expensive and honestly it's worth every penny for the quality and expertise you'll get. Plus Bethany is just a trip. (In a good way!) (: so if you're looking to get a new piercing or just some cool new jewelry or even a tattoo, I definitely recommend going to Open Minded, it's so worth it. (:

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