Friday, January 25, 2013

Things I Don't Understand About Girls

So this post has been in my drafts for a ridiculously long time and I've been having inner turmoil over whether to finish and post it or just pitch it but clearly we know which one won.

Alright so, back story time. This whole thing was spurred when I was at work a couple weeks ago and I was working in the back with a bunch of guys and they were picking on me pretty hard and at one point said, "Don't take it personally, Courtney. You're just one of the guys." Of course, I'm not a guy but it did get me thinking because honestly, I've always pretty much been one of the guys. Ever since I can remember I've only ever really hung out with guys. I just never really clicked with girls I guess and I still really don't. I'm not complaining because I love hanging with my guys. But I guess that sends the wrong message to other females. Newsflash: I'm not banging them all. Promise.

So I've been wondering, what is it about girls that I just don't get? And I've compiled a pretty good list. Some of these things are things that I do that I don't understand too so I'm not just ripping on other girls. But I hope the rest of you find this at least slightly entertaining. (:

One. First thing I don't understand about girls is their natural reaction to scream. Why? What exactly is that accomplishing other than annoying everyone in a 15 foot radius? Nothing. Shut up.

Two. Spending a half hour on make up. My sister is the queen of this. No joke, 45 minutes every morning. I spend like 2 tops. Whats the point? Unless you spend a ridiculous amount of money and get some good stuff its going to rub off by the end of the day anyways. Plus you could use that time for just about everything else.

Three. Impulsiveness. This may be more of a personality thing and not a gender thing because I know that I have a major problem with seeing something I want and just getting it without really thinking about it or like confronting people with stuff I hear without maybe thinking of other ways you could take what they said.

Four. Drama. This is the ultimate reason that I cannot stand females. The worst part is, they will all say "I hate drama. I just avoid it" then they start subtweeting each other and talking behind each others back and then lying to their faces. God. Stop. Just stop. First of all, don't subtweet. Its so ridiculously irritating and pointless. I will have a post about this soon because it is one of my biggest pet peeves on twitter. Next, be real. Don't act like someone's friend to their face then turn to your other friend and shit talk. Just don't. You look like an idiot. They are gonna find out and guess what? they are both gonna be mad. Just be straight. Geez. I'll cut this rant short because I could go on forever.

Five. Impressing. Everyone is trying to impress someone. There is no denying it but its just a matter of figuring out who to impress. But what annoys me the most is being fake (explained above) and acting like a ditz/whore to impress guys. Do not degrade yourself like that girls, c'mon. Nothing irritates me more than that girl that acts like a total ditz to guys and you know that she is smart and has common sense. Thats just annoying and congrats, you'll prolly get the guy. Then when you actually start acting like yourself, he prolly won't like you anymore. Something that depresses me is when you hear about that girl that sleeps with guys just to make herself feel good. I just feel bad for them. You need to love yourself before you do that.. and I hope to do a post about this topic in the next week or so too.

Six. Eating. I get that we all wanna be skinny and match the stereotype  Pause. Stop it. You're beautiful. I promise. But I don't understand why a lot of girls will not eat in front of their friends or boyfriend then go home and eat. You think they are gonna stop liking you if you eat? I just don't understand.

Seven. Shopping. I can't figure out why its so great. Occasionally, yeah, but all the time? Pass.

Eight. Dirt. Mud, trash, dirt, etc. Its not like its any big deal. I don't understand the girls that won't get a little dirty or touch grease. One thing I'll never understand prolly. Since I do it regularly.

I'm gonna stop there before I go on forever. Maybe i'll do a part 2 next month or something. I'd love to get some feedback though. Comments? Questions? :)

Happy Friday Readers!

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