Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pure Insanity

What?! I'm back?! Crazy, I know. I haven't given up yet, I promise. However, things have been freaking crazy, pure insanity.

  • Finished at McDonalds. I was finally burnt out and couldn't take getting screamed at by customers and coworkers and basically busting my ass for barely more than minimum wage. 
  • My mom got a house. In Tennessee. Which means that starting in June, this girl is on her own for housing. Scary stuff.
  • Started the new job. In a factory. Man is that a trip. I'll have a whole post on that within the next couple days, promise. 
  • School still blows mostly. I'm trying. 
  • Dad is all settled in in West Virginia and his family will all be down there in June as well so I'll just be chilling in Ohio alone. 
  • Trying to get a second job. Gotta make the money to pay the bills. Luckily, I got my credit cards paid off and don't plan on touching them again.
  • Got my bank card numbers stolen. Gotta love credit fraud. Brightside, my bank handled it really fast and I didn't lose any money but it was quite a shock.
  • The boy and I split. Our schedules just couldn't work together and we were having our differences to begin with so we just broke it off.
  • Gunner turned 6 months and let me tell you, he's turning into a freaking horse. But hes still my big baby (:
  • I scheduled summer classes. Woohoo. Not. I'm taking College Algebra and some English Lit class. Shoot me?
  • 20 more school days in Spring semester for me. Thank the universe. 
So I think thats all the major stuff. I'm really glad to be back though and I have quite a few posts coming here in the next couple days so stay tuned (: Much love!

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