Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mini Vacation // West Virginia

So I think I've mentioned it before but my dad got relocated to West Virginia for his job so he now has a house down there in Sissonville, close to Charleston. A couple weekends ago we met up with my step mom, Nikki and took a trip down for the long Easter weekend :)

The Drive:
Well its a 4 hour+ trip down there with 7 people from ages 7 to 30 so it was interesting. But we jammed out to some Three Days Grace and Hollywood Undead and had a good time 

Day One:
Dad decided we needed some "culture" so we were loaded up and taken to see a bridge. I didn't get it really but dad enjoyed it so we looked at the bridge and ate Shoney's and then spent the evening watching American Dad and drinking some Bud Light. 

Day Two:
We got to go shooting! My dad's coworker owns some land out in BFE and has a ton of guns so he let us come out and shoot his guns, fish, hike, and have a cook out. It was so much fun. Then we ended up going back to my dads and having a second night of American Dad and Bud Light.

Back to Ohio! 

 New Hoodie (:

We live on a hill...

My Life


So just something for you to enjoy. Have a good day everyone! :)

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