Monday, June 24, 2013

I Moved!;; Delphos

I finally moved outta Van Wert, thank the universe, and now I'm here in little ol' Delphos living with a couple coworkers and I'll be honest, I love it. My roommates are literally the greatest, the house is so perfect, and its so close to work so I'm saving a ton on gas and its gonna be really nice for school because I won't be going straight there and trying to kill an hour, now I can stop at home and chill before going on to school.

Moving, itself, was a pain in the rear because I moved everything with my cruiser. Talk about an adventure. Then my mom gave me a couch so I had to hire a couple of guy friends of mine to load it onto one of their trucks and drive it to Delphos. The whole thing was a trip but it all worked out and I couldn't be happier. I love my living arrangements and I just can't thank my roommates enough for taking me in :)

So now some random pictures and the best stocked mini fridge of all time ;)

 Outdoor kitten. One of 4 with a momma

These are my furry roommates, Kyra and Sophie :)

Summer 2013;; Bucketlist

Well, unfortunately, summer is like half gone already and I've pretty much spent all of it in a box that is the factory I work in... extremely depressing. But there is so much I still want to do and already have planned! I'll explain:

  • Tennessee- This was actually kind of a last minute thought (we planned it like two weeks before we were gonna go) that we should take a trip down to Tennessee over shut down (we get the first week of july off). Originally, we were planning it to go visit my mom in here new house but turned out she isnt even gonna be down there that weekend. But I took it upon myself to book us a lodge room at Wilderness at the Smokies which has an indoor and outdoor waterpark and invite three of my friends and my roommate. So the 5 of us leave Friday morning for Tennessee! I'm so excited. This vacation is muchhhhh needed.
  • Country Concert- July 11, 12, and 13th! So stoked :)
  • Cedar Point- My dad got me a season pass for christmas so I'll definitely be using that a ton here soon hopefully.
  • Rock Fest- Wisconsin. July 17, 18, 19, and 20th. 4 days of the most amazing bands around. I'm so excited. Plus it might be my first time flying. 
  • Swimming- Hopefully gonna start heading up to the pool here in town and getting some swimming and tanning in
  • Birthday- I want to do something epic for my 19th birthday since its on a friday night this year so I can take the weekend off and get crazy (: 
  • Zoo- Umm I'm definitely going to the zoo at some point this summer. Just has to happen. 
Thats just a little bit of my summer to come. I only have til August 21st to enjoy all my free time and the summer sun so I'm gonna try to make it count. I'll be sure to have posts and pictures up for you all as the summer goes on so you can sit on your computers and be jealous ;) just kidding but I will keep you in the know. :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013


  1. Wine- Bottle my roommate and I drank after a loooooong week of work. Much needed stress relief.
  2. Tanned on Heart- Just some fun from the tanning bed.
  3. Gunner- My baby. Hes definitely the one thing that has kept me going when all I wanted to do was give up and I love him so much. Yes, I do know he's a dog.
  4. Rat- This is Kevin. The rebel toolmaker at work likes to scare people with him haha
  5. Grace and I- One drunk night. Nuff said.
  6. Cake and Ice Cream- BDubs. Amazing.
  7. Van- T102.1 van on campus when I showed up for finals. Blaring country music. Made my entire day. Still bombed the final...
  8. Selfie- Don't judge. 
  9. Bear- Graduation present to my best friend Grace who graduated this year! Congrats baby! :)
  10. Nike- Reppin the Nike shirt the other day to work
  11. Pull out bed- My little living space in my moms empty house while I watch the dogs while she enjoys the Bahamas
  12. Tex and I- Another drunk night that resulted in me jumping out a window but no underage thanks to this kid! I can't thank him enough.
  13. Boots and Beer- my life. Thats all.
  14. Poster- with everyones names hanging in my old house that my roommate made. Love all of them so much :)
  15. Bri and I- Sister bonding driving around.
  16. The Wifey and I- Drunk night. 
  17. Monster- Zero calories? AND energy. I'm living off this stuff. Love it.

Tattoo Number Two;; My Little Angel

R.I.P Baby Treesh

So, I finally did it. I've wanted to for like over a year and in May I finally broke down and got my tattoo for Baby Treesh and I absolutely love how it turned out. When I started thinking about getting a tattoo for this, I was looking into maybe getting like a heartbeat line and the original due date but then my mom found this picture (top left) online and I fell in love. It's absolutely perfect.

I took it to the tattoo artist at Open Minded in Van Wert and he drew up a sketch, adding the halo and wing design. He did an amazing job and I can't even put into words how much I love it. Everyone has been joking that its gonna look awful in 30 years and will stretch if I ever get pregnant but honestly, the meaning behind it makes it worth it and as long as I like it, who cares.

Special thanks to Open Minded! Everyone up there was so welcoming and awesome and they just made the whole tattoo experience amazing and I will definitely be going back for any other tattoos I get in the future. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a new tattoo or your first. :)

Long Time No See;; I'm Backkkkk!

Miss me?!

I swear I'm back for good! I've been major busy (actually that's probably a major understatement) and without internet but I've been missing this blog like no other and I swear I'm not leaving again (:

Catch up time!

  • Still working the factory life. Working like 60-80 hours a week which is 12 hour nights (7pm-7am) seven days a weeks. So much fun. Not. Seeing the same people in the same box gets pretty old. But the paychecks are pretty nice ;)
  • New tattoo! So excited to post about this :)
  • Gunner is so big now and now he lives with my dad and his family in Upper Sandusky. Post coming.
  • I moved! Now residing in Delphos, closer to work with some pretty awesome people :)
  • Its summerrrrrrrr! Got a Bucketlist for the next month all started :)
  • Fall semester is scheduled. Back at it as of August 21st.
  • Mom's family is all moved to Tennessee.. Definitely missing them already.
  • Just booked the hotel for my vacation over July Shutdown at work. Tennessee here we come!
Life has just been crazy lately but I wouldn't want anything less. I love the ride and I couldn't be happier :) 

Stay connected 'cause I have at least 4 or 5 new post for y'all within the next couple days. Lots of inspiration and so little time :)