Monday, June 24, 2013

I Moved!;; Delphos

I finally moved outta Van Wert, thank the universe, and now I'm here in little ol' Delphos living with a couple coworkers and I'll be honest, I love it. My roommates are literally the greatest, the house is so perfect, and its so close to work so I'm saving a ton on gas and its gonna be really nice for school because I won't be going straight there and trying to kill an hour, now I can stop at home and chill before going on to school.

Moving, itself, was a pain in the rear because I moved everything with my cruiser. Talk about an adventure. Then my mom gave me a couch so I had to hire a couple of guy friends of mine to load it onto one of their trucks and drive it to Delphos. The whole thing was a trip but it all worked out and I couldn't be happier. I love my living arrangements and I just can't thank my roommates enough for taking me in :)

So now some random pictures and the best stocked mini fridge of all time ;)

 Outdoor kitten. One of 4 with a momma

These are my furry roommates, Kyra and Sophie :)

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